About the artist.

Joe Garcia is a San Francisco Bay Area artist with a studio located in the Historic Arsenal Art District in Benicia, California. 

As a practicing artist/architect, his works are influenced by the built environment, discarded objects and the imagery that is created when juxtaposed with the natural world. He consistently strives to explore ways that do not limit the exploration of person, thought and ideals by creating abstract works composed by use of various media. What he likes most about art is the process of creating a story that is unique to each piece.  A story that may not be readily observed, but rather one that is embedded within the multiple layers of materials and ideas that lie below the surface.   

He is in numerous private collections and has been exhibited at Arts Benicia Gallery, Benicia City Hall, Camellia Tea Room, and other local and out of town businesses.

instagram: @joegarciaart // email: joegarciaart@yahoo.com